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Hiram Clarke!
HCCC  is an active civic club, supported by long time and new residents whose care and concern for this neighborhood is represented by their devotion of time and talent to preserve the unique character of the neighborhood.  The Civic Club is very active within the city and coordinates with the City of Houston, Mayor's office, Police, Mae Walker and Precinct 7 Constable Office, District K and Councilman Larry Green, along with other local officials to provide a safe  and communal living environment for all residents.  

The Civic Club also serves as the contact for enforcing deed restrictions, a major contributor to improving and maintaining the quality of the community.  Click on the link to access deed restrictions.  We are determined to keep a well-maintained neighborhood and  count on you to do your part in making this one of the cleanest and most welcoming communities in Houston!  For information and concerns, contact your HCCC Board of Directors.  Be sure to attend regular meetings held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Hobby Elementary School at 6:30 pm. Be the change you want to see, attend meetings, volunteer and get involved. Check back after Thanksgiving for dates for the annual holiday party and updates.

Join Councilman Larry Green this Wednesday 
A Red Affair, Celebrating You

Wednesday, February 14, 2018
12:30 to 3:30 pm
Red Rooster
13334 Almeda Rd.  77045

Attire Valentine's Day Red
Great Celebrations for MLK Day.  The legacy continues...

"We want everybody to celebrate the life and the liberty of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That’s what's most important to us," says Brown. "As long as folks are not confused about why we celebrate this day. It is a time that we come together as a nation, not just as a community, but as a nation. We’re encouraging all of our Houston members to join us as we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We continue to push the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. We are celebrating in collaboration with the national AFL-CIO who has moved their celebration from Washington, D.C. to Houston this year."
The Link:  Let's Live by 
Yard of the Month  2018
Coming soon

    Yard of the Month Committee Volunteers for their dedicated service from April to October of each year, thank you.  Praying everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

    Committee Members
    Carmelita & Lamar Gooden, Ann Jones, Monica Young,
    Tramyra Finner,
    Assistants, Pat Henderson, Claudette Edwards & Joe Bonner
    Mae Young is pictured  above with Councilman Larry Green.

    Mae Young, Chairperson,
    Co-Chair, Verlene Turner
    Next Quarterly Newsletter Deadline
    February 2018
    Civic Page Coming in 2018. Stay tuned.....

    Articles that are not submitted by the deadline may not immediately appear on the site, but will be posted once they are approved by the Board of Directors.  Articles may be submitted at any HCCC Civic Club Meeting, the website or directly to
    the secretary, Mrs. Patsy Taylor.

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