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Hiram Clarke Civic Club is an active civic club that is supported by both long-time and new residents  whose care and concern for the neighborhood is represented by their devotion of time and talent to preserve the unique character of the neighborhood.  The Civic Club is very active within the city and coordinates with the City of Houston, the Mayor's office, police, constables, and firemen to provide a safe  and communal living environment for its residents.   The Civic Club also serves as the contact for enforcing deed restrictions, a major contributor to improving the quality of the neighborhood  and remaining well-maintained.  We count on you to do your part in making this one of the cleanest and welcoming communities in Houston!

Two residents were attacked by a LARGE, white, unleashed“AGGRESSIVE” dog.  This has caused problems for other residents!  According to the Deed Restrictions, ALL dogs “must be” fenced in or on a leash!  You are responsible should if someone is attacked by your dog—medically, legally and morally, not to mention the emotional duress caused by such attacks.

Information from June On Joe V's

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